Krishav Events is a complete package of Entertainment Unlimited. We organise and manage events in the feld of Art and Culture. Our Family consists of highly innovative members who believe in result driven approach. Each of them is a unique personality who adds their own special dash of magic into their respective work.
Chintan Trivedi and Pathik Vora, are the two founder of KRISHAV EVENTS carry a long history of Participation, Organization and Management of events in the sub continent. The Directors have been in the showbiz industry for about 4-5 years. They have ventured into the market through organising cultural events in Australia. Our events in Australia have been atended by a crowd of over 3000 atendees on an average
We are passionate about our work and strive for excellence in everything we do. Considering the Asian Crowd and Culture flourished in Australia.

Being responsible Director, I am implementing innovative concepts to entertain as well as educate our community. My motto is to bring awareness in our community about our culture, customs, practices and beliefs. Particularly, I am concerned about our children who promptly get attracted towards western culture and this being the reason for organising cultural and religious events, which bring awareness and consciousness in their little hearts.
We have successfully implemented this strategy in our previous {first} event titled “Devang Patel Dandiya 2013″ which created history with a record of 2,500 people attending from all corners of New South Wales. Furthermore, an Australian singer (George Stanton) performed in the Gujarati language and it became an instant hit, people absolutely loved the band Electric Korma!”
This innovative idea of mixing Western and Indian music was created by me for dual purpose, one is to educate our community children and the other is to entertain. The concept became crazy overnight. Now George Stanton can blow audiences mind with Gujarati and Bollywood Songs. His songs not only entertain but also fill cultural and religious essence in local Indian Community.
Chintan Trivedi (Founder & Director)
We organise events which enhances our moral, cultural and religious values. Our main task is to bring overall cultural benefit to the community Another innovative motive was to bring financial benefit to our participants/audience and hence in our last event we have offered incentives in the form of vouchers valued $800 for each participant. As this policy was highly appreciated by audience, we are bring the same concept back for this event with a voucher valued $2000 for each participant.
“We are the inventors of this novel design which brought financially benefits to the audience”
Filled with excitement, encouragement and enthusiasm from our previous event, we proudly present this event which brings:
1. Financial Benefit for each participant/audience by a voucher valued $2000.
2. Longest Garba Night in the whole history of Australia.
3. An Australian Gujju Singer George Stanton’s Electric Band Korma.
4. Best Value in ticket Price.
We hope that this year Event and Navratri will bring you and your families Nine Swaroopa viz., Name, Fame, Health, Wealth, Happiness, Humanity, Knowledge, Bhakti and Shakti.
We once again wish you all a very “Happy Navratri” filled with peace, prosperity, joy, success, fortune and strength.
I whole heartedly thank my sponsors and audience to make this event a grand success.